Tech Today: Apple iCloud pricing announced, iOS overtakes Symbian

Plus: Old Twitter shutdown, Sony Bravia overhaul

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple announces iCloud additional storage prices
After launching the beta version of iCloud to registered developers on Monday, Apple revealed on Tuesday how much users will have to pay if they'd like more than the free 5GB of storage Apple is offering. An extra 10GB will cost £14, while 20GB will be £28 and 50GB will be £70. Apple reckons the free offering will be enough as that doesn't include media files.
Link: Zdnet

iOS overtakes Symbian, still way behind Android
Apple's iOS operating system is now the second most popular smartphone software in the world, after overtaking Nokia's ailing Symbian platform. iOS now has 19 per cent of the market, compared to Android's 48 per cent chunk. That means for every 2 iPhone's bought, 5 Android devices are shifted.
Link: AppleInsider

Sony to overhaul TV strategy amid poor sales
The Sony Bravia division is all set to announce a loss for the eighth year in succession, prompting Sony to tear up the playbook and start from scratch. Reports emanating from Japan suggest that Sony may entertain teaming up with other manufacturers as part of the restructuring after Sony trimmed its annual sales estimates down from 27 million sets to 22 million.
Link: Reuters

Twitter to kill off old version of the website this week
If you're one of those change-hating tech fans then this news isn't going to please you. Twitter is to close down the old version of its website this week, almost a year after it launched the 'new' iteration of the site. Twitter announced in a tweet that it'd finally be closing access to its old site.
Link: Mashable

Facebook adds status update option for expectant mothers
Pregnant women can inform their social networking circle of their imminent visit from the stalk via a new Facebook status update offered by the site under the friends and family section. The option now exists to let mothers add "Expecting: Child" to their profile. Parents can also add a due date and the baby's chosen name.
Link: CNN

News@8: Tuesday saw the specs of the Sony S1 and S2 tablets leak out, while the Samsung Galaxy SII retained its status as the UK's most popular smartphone. There was also news that the PlayStation Vita console will double-up as a PS3 controller. Catch up on this and more in our daily News@8 round-up.