Tech Today: Apple 'faked' Galaxy Tab court image?

Plus: Moto to save Google TV, Xbox 360 goes matte-only

With plenty of news from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google and Microsoft, here's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple 'misled' court with Galaxy Tab comparison photo?
Apple may have cropped and altered the aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make it look more like the iPad 2 in a side by side comparison, it has has been claimed. Apple won an injunction againt the sale of the Tab in Europe after claiming Samsung copied the iPad. However the photo presented in their filing to a German court may have tampered with the Tab's form factor. Naughty.
Link: Computer World

Xbox 360 going back to matte in time for Christmas
Microsoft has confirmed that the glossy finish for the Xbox 360 will be discontinued in favour of the matte-look currently available on the 4GB model. The glossy model has split opinion since it arrived with the revamped Xbox 360 last year, but it seems that Microsoft has listened to those complaints of smudges and fingertips.
Link: CNET

Fusion Garage re-emerges with Grid phone and tablet
Following the Joo Joo tablet debacle, we didn't really expect to hear much from Fusion Garage. However the company has attempted a rebirth today with the new Grid 10 tablet and the Grid 4 smartphone, both of which run the new GridOS operating system and can run Android apps.
Link: Engadget

Google's Motorola buy-out to see Google TV rebirth?
While Google's purchase of Motorola will undoubtedly benefit its Android business, Google intends to use Moto's expertise to boost its ailing Google TV platform. CEO Larry Page said: "They're a leading home device maker, and that's also a big opportunity."
Link: AppleInsider

Social media 'fatigue' leaves young people bored of Facebook
The research gurus at Gartner have revealed new data which suggests that the social media bubble may be about to burst for the youth. One in four people interviewed by the company say they're using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube less than they were when they signed up, citing boredom as the main reason.
Link: Telegraph