Tech Today: Apple app row, Windows 8 for 2012

Plus: Facebook pre-teen vow, Square's new iPad app

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that next-gen system Windows 8 will officially launch in 2012. While a launch next year was widely expected, the announcement was more notable because its the first time anyone at Microsoft has referred to the forthcoming OS as "Windows 8."
Link: ZDNet

Zuckerberg to fight to allow kids on Facebook
Facebook faces a massive outcry over plans to fight laws that prevent children under 13 having Facebook accounts. Already under the cosh in the US for the perception that it doesn't do enough to protect children, CEO Mark Zuckerberg woud surely face a lynching if this plan came to fruiting.
Link: IBTimes

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Apple goes to battle for its app developers
A company that has been trolling app makers, insisting that in-app payment functionality breaches its trademark has been issued with a cease and desist letter by Apple. Patent holder Lodsys has been demanding cash from developers, but Apple said it has already licensed the software on behalf of its app makers
Link: Apple Insider

New iPad payment app will replace cash register
A new iPad app for retailers will allow them to accept payments for goods, while keeping track of stock and inventory, could replace the cash register, according to the developer. Square Register allows payments through a mini card reader, but also allows retailers to keep their records in order.
Link: ABC News

Amazon tablet will be cheaper than iPad
The forthcoming Amazon Android tablet will be more wallet-friendly than the Apple iPad according to reports. A 7-inch model currently known codenamed Coyote will be $349 (£216), while the 10-inch "Hollywood" tablet will be just $449 ($279). The tablets are set to be out for the pre-Christmas rush.
Link: PCMag

News@8: Monday saw Rockstar's latest masterpiece La Noire take its place at the top of the UK gaming charts, while there was more news about the potential iPhone 5 design. Google Social Search has also received an upgrade, while Sony will be remastering old PlayStation games for the Xperia Play. Read-up on this and more in our daily News@8 round-up.