Tech Today: Anonymous Sony hack denial, iPod nano rival

Plus: Google Earth Honeycomb, PlayBook delay

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Google Earth for Android has been updated to suit Android Honeycomb tablets, Google revealed on Thursday. The app has been optimised for Android 3.0 tablets like the Motorola Xoom, with Google claiming the new experience is like upgrading from TV to iPad.
Link: Google Mobile Blog

The Apple iPod nano has a new watch-face-sized rival with the Creative Zen M300 PMP. The device costs about half as much as the 16GB iPod nano and includes Bluetooth connectivity for use with wireless headphones and the opportunity to upgrade the onboard memory with a micro SD card slot. It only costs £80 too.
Link: TechRadar

The Sony PSN hack blame game continues. Earlier on Thursday, Sony had once again pointed the finger at online activists Anonymous, before the group shot back with a statement saying it wasn't interested in credit card fraud, only bringing criminals to justice. Hacks to Sony's online portfolio is believed to have compromised the personal data of up to 100 million users.
Link: Independent

The launch of a mobile BlackBerry Playbook tablet has been delayed indefinitely in another blow to the heavily criticised RIM tablet. So far the device is yet to launch in the UK, with a Wi-Fi only device on sale in the US. The mobile data enabled PlayBook was scheduled for a launch ont he Sprint network next Sunday.
Link: AllThingsDigital

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Yesterday might have been international Star Wars day, complete with more details regarding this autumn's Star-Wars Blu-ray release, but that doesn't mean we have to stop talking about Star Wars. Here's a great video for those who can't bare to watch the prequel trilogy, constructed from lego. Hands down, the best thing you'll see all day.
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