Tech Today: Android security flaw fix, Apple like a religion

Plus: iPhone 4 supplies, HTC NFC phone

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Google acknowledges Android security loophole
The Big G is rolling-out a fix for an Android security flaw that sends unencrypted authentication tokens while using certain Google apps. The lack of encryption means that person data can be scalped by hackers lurking on public Wi-Fi networks.
Link: TechRadar

Apple fans' brains wired like religious folk
A team of neuroscientists have revealed that an Apple fan's response to seeing the company's tech stimulates the same part of the brain as when religious people see spiritual imagery. The findings come from a BBC documentary which exmaine how Superbrands influence our lives.
Link: BBC

Twitter clamps down on third party clients
Any Tom, Dick or Harry with an SDK will no longer be able to produce a Twitter client after the company said that any app which offers access to direct messages will need Twitter's permission. Apps that don't have permission will no longer have access to the service.
Link: TechCrunch

App of the Day | Sonos Controller
Control your Sonos music streaming through this handy Android app
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HTC will launch an NFC phone soon
Android kingpin HTC has revealed that it will launch an NFC-equipped phone within the next 12 months. The company also reaffirmed its commitment for Windows Phone 7 while claiming that Nokia's involvement with Microsoft's platform will help HTC in the long-run.
Link: Engadget

Apple slows down iPhone 4 supplies
A Taiwanese supplier for Apple's iPhone 4 has revealed that Cupertino has begun slowing shipments ahead of the launch of the next generation iPhone, most observers expect to arrive in the autumn. According to the report, Apple has cut down the shipment volume from 20 million to 17 million for the second quarter.
Link: Huffington Post

News@8: Wednesday saw footage of a Wii 2 prototype and touchscreen controller leak into the wild, while on the mobile side of things Angry Birds, in its various incarnations, topped 200 million downloads worldwide. Also on Wednesday came news of Modern Warfare 3's release date and the latest on the Apple iCloud launch. It's all there in our Daily News@8 round-up.