Tech Today: Amazon tablet, PS3 users trade for Xbox 360

Plus: Apple and Google in trouble over apps

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

'Stay tuned' for Amazon tablet
That long-rumoured Amazon tablet was sort of confirmed in a roundabout way today. During an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos he told readers to "stay tuned" for news of a multi-purpose tablet device that would potentially use a little Kindle-power to take on the iPad.
Link: Gizmodo

Apple iMac hard-drives on lockdown
Those new iMacs with their fancy Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Bridge Processors might be the coolest all-in-ones on the block at the moment, but according to Other World Computing, Apple has made replacing the hard-drive night on impossible. Doing so will mean that the iMac will fail the Apple Hardware Test.
Link: OWC

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The Android market store gets a makeover and the abilty to download music
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Apple and Google face questions about DUI apps
The tech giants of Silicon Valley have been facing tough questions from the US senate over iOS and Android apps that inform drivers where police are checking for drink drivers. Senator Charles Schumer says: Apple and Google shouldn’t be in the business of selling apps that help drunk drivers evade the police." Well that's told them then.
Link: TechCrunch

Netflix arrives for US Android owners
What a week it has been for Android. We've seen news of software updates 3.1 and 2.4, Music by Google and Android Movie rentals, but for US Android phone owners the holy grail is Netflix. The subscription instant streaming app has been dominating on iOS, but now select Android phones will get an app featuring the fill library of thousands of movies and TV shows.
Link: Engadget

PS3 users trading in for Xbox 360s
Sony's nightmare gets worse by the day. The latest on the PSN saga is that Sony PlayStation 3 owners are trading them in for Xbox 360s rather than face more time offline. One major retailer told Edge that the trade-ins are up 200 per cent since Hackers brought the PSN to its knees.
Link: CVG

News@8: Thursday saw prices for the HTC Sensation and HTC Flyer, while Facebook had some terrible PR when it was revealed that it hired a PR company to smear Google. There's also more details about the Samsung Chromebook and hints that Sony will be releasing an Cybershot branded Android phone. It's all there in our daily News@8 round-up