Tech Today: Amazon Android tablet set for Wednesday launch

Plus: Apple iPhone 5 launch update

The Amazon Android tablet is finally set to announce its bid to challenge the iPad on Wednesday, while we've got an update on the launch of the Apple iPhone 5. Here's the biggest tech news from the weekend.

Samsung moves ten million Galaxy S2 smartphones
Finally a bit of good news for Samsung amid the pool of Apple aggression. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S2 has sold 10m units. Now that's about half as many as the iPhone 4's Q2 total but it's still a huge landmark for the primo Android smartphone of the moment.
Link: Engadget

99 percent of US viewers reckon 3D TV is better
3D TV has enjoyed somewhat of rough time of late, but it seems that the new medium is finally catching on on the other side of the pond. A new survey in the US has revealed that 99 per cent of viewers see 3D as 'somewhat better, while 71 per cent claim the experience is 'much better'
Link: RapidTVNews

Amazon tablet set to arrive on Wednesday
The heavily touted Amazon Android tablet is set to be unveiled next week after the company invited media to a press event in New York on Wednesday. "Knowing Amazon it's going to be a very aggressive price," said one analyst. Is the first real iPad rival just days away?
Link: Reuters

Spammers say Facebook will start charging
The latest hoax from Facebook spammers hoping you'll copy and paste on to your wall, falsely claims the company is going to start charging a premium to use the site. “It is official. It was even on the news. Facebook will start charging due to the new profile changes. If you copy this on your wall your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you. Please pass this message on, if not your account will be deleted if you do not pay," said one widely spread post.
Link: DWMedia

Apple iPhone 5 set for launch on home turf?
Apple's long-standing practice of holding launch events in massive convention halls may come to an end with the iPhone 5, expected to be unveiled on October 4th. Sources suggest that the company will announce the new device to the media on its own San Francisco campus. It is thought that new CEO Tim Cook wanted a more intimate venue for his first launch as Apple CEO
Link: Apple Insider