Tech Today: Amazon Android App Store arrives in UK?

Plus: Google Wallet officially launched

With big news rolling out from some of the industry’s biggest players in the last few hours including Google, Amazon, Motorola and Facebook, here's a selection of tech happenings from Monday evening.

Google Wallet NFC payment service officially launched
The so-called future of mobile payments was unleashed on Monday evening, with Google finally taking the wraps off the Google Wallet project. After extensive testing, the service will now be trialled in the US, mainly in New York and San Francisco. Currently the only people who can test the service are users of the Nexus S 4G on the Sprint Network in the US.
Via: GoogleBlog

Motorola to take another stab at tabletsphere with 7-inch slate
Following the Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb device which never quite lived up to the initial promise, Motorola is preparing for another crack at toppling the iPad, this time with a 7-inch form factor. Judging by leaked pictures, the device is thinner, boasts curved edges and Android Honeycomb.
Via: ThisIsMyNext

Facebook movie and music apps to be unveiled at f8
The long-awaited integrated entertainment applications for Facebook may be unveiled at the f8 conference which begins on Thursday. Reports claim that apps that allows users to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music and read newspapers without leaving could be on the way. Activity is set to be highlighted in a new entertainment news feed. Big changes afoot.
Via: Guardian

Amazon App Store reportedly in the UK
It could finally be here. Amazon's alternative to the Android Market, which offers a host of top apps at free and discounted prices, has been rolled out in the UK, according to reports. Multiple users have reported that the service is now working in Blighty, Australia and India, so go ahead and fill your boots.
Via: Engadget

At last, Android recognises English as spoken by those who invented it
Google's Voice Actions functionality, which allows Android users to control their Android device now recognises The Queen's English. Speaking in our British English accents has confuddled the service, which only likes the American bastardisation of the English language.
Via: Reg Hardware