Tech Today: Al Gore confirms multiple new iPhones?

YouTube adds 2D-to-3D video conversion

Tech Today: First public confirmation that Apple will launch new iPhone in October, Twitter integrates photo sharing via SMS, YouTube adds video editing tool and Eric Schmidt defends Google in US Senate hearing

Al Gore potentially lets Apple's big 'iPhones' cat out of the bag
Apple board member and former US Vice President Al Gore has told a leadership conference that 'new iPhones' will be coming next month. The Global warming campaigner may have meant many iPhone 5's, but could also have meant an iPhone 5 plus another device like the rumoured iPhone 4S. Regardless, this is the first official word from anyone inside Apple that the new iPhone WILL be coming in October.
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Apple iPhone 5 Video: Rumour update

Twitter integrates photo sharing via SMS
For those unfortunate souls not lucky enough to have a top-notch smartphone at their side at all times, tweeting by text remains a great way to send and receive updates. Twitter has now extended that functionality to allow users to send photos to their feeds via SMS. Vodafone, O2 and Orange are all on-board.
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Eric Schmidt defends Google in US Senate hearing
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt went out to bat for the company today amid accusations that the company is 'cooking' search results to ensure Google's own websites, like shopping, price comparison and review sites get preferential treatment in search results. Paraphrasing, Mr Schmidt effectively told the hearing: 'I don't know what you're talking about, mate.'
Link: WSJ

YouTube adds video editing tool and 3D conversion
Uploaders to YouTube will now have the option to convert their video from 2D to 3D with a single click, and also edit your video and add effects during the uploading process. The company has also announced that users with a solid track record of uploading video content will have the 15-minute length limit lifted.
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Apple ships thousands of iPads to America's poorest schools
Apple has send out scores of original iPad models, that were donated by iPad 2 buyers as part of a project to send college teaching graduates to teach in the poorest schools. 9,000 refurbished models have been offered to teachers in the hope that they can help to transform the classroom. Hey guys, it's getting close to payday and we're a bit skint too. Any chance of throwing one of those our way?
Link: Apple Insider

Apple iPad 2 Video: Review