Tech Today: 55-inch OLED TV, Muppets to save Google+

Plus: New Swype app featuring Dragon dictation, RIM caught up in BBM spat

Naturally, Christmas Days wasn't a groundbreaking day of tech news, but among the stories making the headlines this year were a new version of Swype and LG's plans to launch a 55-inch OLED TV

55-inch OLED LG TV official for CES
LG will unleash the world's largest OLED panel at the CES expo in Las Vegas in early January. The company had promised to launch a huge OLED telly by the middle of 2012, but this will be the first chance we get to clasp our eyes on this technological wonder. The prototype device will be "thinner than a pen" at just 5.5mm.
Link: Engadget

Action Movie FX app blows everything out of the water
Movie producer and viral marketing god J.J. Abrams has unleashed his first app for iOS devices, which allows you to call in missile strikes on your least favourite places, or drop cars on the heads of your enemies. The Action Movie FX app for iPhone lets you add movie-grade special effects to videos shot on your phone, leaving absolute carnage in your wake.
Link: TechRadar

RIM fights back following BBM legal fight
Poor old RIM really can't catch a break. The waning smartphone giant has been forced to release a statement defending its right to use the BBM acronym for BlackBerry Messenger. It's dibs on BBM has been legally disputed by the Canadian cable company of the same name. A BlackBerry spokesperson said: "The services associated with RIM's BBM offering clearly do not overlap with BBM Canada's services and the two marks are therefore eligible to co-exist under Canadian trademark law. The two companies are in different industries and have never been competitors in any area."
Link: TechRadar

Swype updated with Dragon Dictation
Android's alternate typing app of choice, Swype has been upgraded with Dragon Dictation for voice-to-text translation. The new Beta of the app features a microphone to incorporate Nuances awesome tool. The upgrade brings Swype in-line with the default Android Keyboard which features Google's own voice-to-test tool.
Via: Engadget

The Muppets star in new Google+ commercial
Now what's going to bring in new people to Google+ this season, the company must have pondered during a brainstorming session in the last few months. The answer, the company decided, was The Muppets. In a new commercial for the social network, Jim Henson's most famous creations join forces to sing Under Pressure while within a Google+ hangout. Check it.
Link: Mashable