Tech Today: 3G MacBook hits eBay, BBM teen charged

Plus: Samsung gets Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban appeal date

With plenty of goss from Apple, Samsung, and RIM, here's a nice dose of tech news to get your Monday started.

Apple set for battle of Waterloo with new retail outlet
Apple opened five new retail stores this weekend, the most notable of which is on RIM's home turf of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The Cupertino-giant also opened its doors in Sarah Palin's home state of Alaska as the iPhone five push begins.
Link: GlobeandMail

Firefox 6 now available to download
Mozilla had promised more frequent versions of its Firefox browser and version 6 is already available to download, two days before its scheduled release. The latest incremental update features a few small tweaks, such as highlighting the domain name of the website you're surfing, and a faster start-up time when using panorama mode.
Link: Huffington Post

Weird 3G-enabled MacBook Pro shows up on eBay
A device, claiming to the a 3G-enabled MacBook Pro prototype from Apple, has appeared for sale on eBay. The device, which is a 2007 Pro features an antenna poking out of the side, which Apple Insider reckons proves Apple was thinking about adding mobile data compatibility to its notebooks as far back as 4 years ago.
Link: AppleInsider

Samsung to appeal Galaxy Tab ban on August 25th
Following a German court's shock decision to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device in the EU, at the behest of Apple last week, Samsung will enter the courtroom to appeal the decision later this month. The ruling, which banned the sale and promotion of the device across Europe (except for the Netherlands) will be reconsidered on August 25th.
Link: WSJ

Teen girl charged with using BBM to incite riots
An 18-year-old girl has been formally charged by police after she allegedly used the BlackBerry Messenger IM service to encourage her friends to go rioting in the seaside town of Clacton, Essex. The unnamed girl is the first to be charged in connection with the riots that specifically references the use of the BBM service.
Link: TechRadar