Tablet sized touchscreens to land in upcoming production cars

Exclusive: Cars to feature 9-inch touchscreen displays within 2 to 3 years

Apple iPad esque touchscreen displays are to feature as the norm in most production cars within the next two to three years, Vauxhall's Stuart Harris has revealed whilst speaking exclusively with T3

Lowering component costs and an increase in consumer demand is to see tablet sized touchscreen displays feature within a variety of production cars in the coming years, an industry insider has revealed.

Further expanding the rapidly increasing capabilities of in-car technology the large touchscreen displays set to hit centre consoles of road faring vehicles will allow for new possibilities in car-based entertainment and navigation with the oversized screens to touch down within two to three years.

“Touchscreen is an obvious one that you’ll be seeing more of in the future,” Stuart Harris, Head of Product Market at Vauxhall said. “You’ll have touchscreen interfaces with larger 8- or 9-inch colour screens set to become the norm in cars.”

Harris added: “These screens are becoming cheap enough to put into various levels of production cars with in-car infotainment to go up a notch as a result.

“You’re going to see this happen in the next two or three years and to be honest apart from larger screens there is not a lot that can change inside the car because of all the legislation ruling you can’t have anything sticking out, pointing up or hanging down.”

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