T3 Twitter Music Party: Win nearly £3,000 worth of Monitor Audio kit

Four fantastic prizes to give away in just one hour

Did you win some super high-end audio kit from Monitor Audio? Find out here...

The music themed Twitter party is over and after hundreds of guests piled their way in, we have now ushered the last few guests out of the door. For four lucky people, they've also walked away with a pretty nice leaving gift. Find out what was up for grabs and if you were a lucky winner below.

Win nearly £3,000 worth of kit

We teamed up with audio specialists Monitor Audio to give away some great prizes throughout with £2,900 worth of audio kit to give away including a Monitor Audio AirStream 10 DAB radio, an i-deck 100, i-deck 200 and last but not least the entire Monitor Audio Shadow Series collection. That's right folks, the Monitor Audio Shadow Slimline Series Speakers and Radius Sub package.

What was up for grabs

Monitor Audio AirStream 10 DAB Radio

The Monitor Audio AirStream 10 DAB Radio is not just any radio, boasting some rather clever design attributes it can be used standing up or lying down without the sound quality from the speaker being impaired. On board you have all the usual smart radio tricks, access to 15k radio stations, the ability to play podcasts and stream over WiFi. Making sure all of this choice makes its way to your earholes Monitor Audio have popped a high-quality 3.5" driver in there.

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 & 200

T3 Twitter Music Party Winners

Monitor Audio AirStream 10 DAB radio: Terry Leake

Monitor Audio i-deck 100: Joe Sudlow

Monitor Audio i-deck 200: Lizzi Armitage

Monitor Audio Shadow Series collection: Rebecca Denyer