T3 readers speak out over iPhone 4

Your thoughts on Apple's headache so far

We asked you to give us your thoughts on Apple's announcement of a press conference, this was the response.

We’ve received some really strong feedback, ranging from readers demanding a recall, to some who feel the situation has been blown out of proportion. Here’s a round up of what you, the readers, have been saying to us.

In terms of negativity towards Apple the general feeling has been that while the hardware issue is clearly a serious problem, it’s mainly Apple’s attitude that has annoyed many of you. Scott Walker says: “I really don't know what to expect from this. I'd be surprised if Apple ever admit to doing anything wrong”

Steve, whose comment came from one of our news stories agrees, saying: “The problem isn’t the fault, the problem is the attitude from Apple, which has been dismissive at best and disrespectful towards customers at worst.”


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While some believe this could be devastating for Apple Rana Rahman disagrees: “Apple's reputation has been tarnished, but I'm sure they can make a recovery. I can't see anything but a full product recall/refund to iPhone 4 users to sort this out as it's hardware related.”

Of course this is a problem that hasn’t affected everyone, Charles Hurst is one of those people, saying he’s had “no problem whatsoever with this issue, must be on certain models etc. Cannot replicate it either even if I use the 'known' death grip...”.

Robert Marsh thinks that ‘a full recall is VERY unlikely’ also saying ‘I cannot replicate the problem on my iPhone 4 at all!’.

In terms of solutions, many of you believe Apple may offer free ‘bumpers’ to any customer who’s been suffering the now well-documented signal problems. Richard Waugh says “I don't think there will be a recall, if need be they will offer a refund or a free ‘bumper’."

With Apple finally announcing it would be holding the press conference on Friday, the pressure is clearly on for them to produce some answers.

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