T3 Readers: iPad to dominate over new MacBook Air

iPad Proves that new and advanced isn't always the best

The iPad remains the top dog in this battle for computer supremacy

Last week’s T3 poll results are in and we asked you if the new MacBook Air would usurp the iPad. Well, faithful readers, you have spoken and the iPad stands proudly triumphant over the sorely beaten MacBook Air.

With a majority of 64.12% of the votes, you decided that the MacBook Air was not worth £900 for a ‘glorified notebook.’ One reader commented: ‘as with all Macs it’s a high quality product aimed at people who care more about their tech being cool than actually useful...900 quid for a premium Netbook...no thanks.’ By the look of the results it seemed most of you agreed.

As for the 35.88% that voted for the MacBook Air it seems that you’ve lost this battle in the T3 polls. The MacBook Air might prevail in the end, however, given its release was just a few short weeks ago, so it has plenty of time to catch up yet.

Until that day, if it ever comes, T3's Gadget of the Year looks set to reign supreme and dominate not only the tablet market but the battle of the Apple powerhouses.