T3 Readers: iPad 2 will be the 2011 Gadget of the Year

But what else will make the grade?

Apple's inevitable sequel will lap up honours, according to you

Last week’s T3 poll results are in and the Apple iPad 2 is in first place as the predicted winner of the 2011 Gadget of the Year award. With 38.41% of the votes it seems that you, our discerning readers, believe that Apple will continue its stylish winning streak next year.

One reader commented: “I would say either the iPad 2 or the iPhone 5! Apple will pull out all the stops with their new devices next year to bounce back from a bad launch of the iPhone 4!” It seemed that the majority of you agreed as the Apple iPhone 5 came in second place with 22.54% - only marginally less than the iPad 2 love.

Our third place position went to the hi-tech and extremely fashionable HTC Desire HD with a vote of 16.19%, which isn’t all that surprising with the recent success and hype surrounding its launch. It seems not that many of you have faith in the sensor-tech-aided add-on that Microsoft believes will change gaming, as the controversial Microsoft Kinect came in fourth place with 9.21% of the vote.

The PSP 2 came in fifth place with a minute 7.62%, but still managed to fend off support for the Nintendo 3DS, which came behind it in sixth place with just 6.03% of the votes. Apparently you think the future in tech doesn’t lie with handheld 3D gaming.