T3 Gadget Awards winners accept their prizes

Video: Awards victors discuss success and top gadgets

2010 T3 Gadget Awards winners accept their prizes and talk success

With the 19 winners of this year's T3 Gadget Awards now revealed and the deserved victors in proud possession of their coveted awards, the newly crowned leaders of the gadget kingdom have given their gushing acceptance speeches and shared their views on coming out on top at the largest technology awards in the world.

T3.com's Rhi Morgan caught up with this year's winners as they left the stage, award in hand, to discuss the benefits of taking a T3 gong and how it feels to receive the praise and acceptance of the gadget public, the T3 reader.

Snapping up two of the biggest awards of the evening, Phone of the Year and Tech Brand of the Year, HTC’s John French , pleased with the forward motion the company is making said: "Brand of the Year is a big one, it's the one we wanted and strived for."

For all of the reactions from the 2010 T3 Gadget Awards winners check out the video for all the latest from the lucky winners.