T3 creates the iPhone Nano

Will Apple launch an iPhone Nano at WWDC? This is what we hope it'll look like...

Image 1 of 6 T3 s iPhone Nano
T3's iPhone Nano
Image 2 of 6 T3 s iPhone Nano
T3's iPhone Nano
Image 3 of 6 T3 s iPhone Nano
T3's iPhone Nano
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T3's iPhone Nano
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T3's iPhone Nano
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T3's iPhone Nano

Let's hope our wishes come true, and Apple announces an iPhone Nano at WWDC

Apple's staging its annual Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) on the 8th of June to the 12th, and gadget fans across the world have been speculating for months about what to expect. Will it be a tablet? A netbook? A new iPhone? A new iPhone...Nano?

That's what we're hoping for here at T3, and to add more speculation and hype to the rumour mill, we dabbled in MS Paint for 10 minutes and came up with the beautiful pictures you see to the right. We'd love nothing more than to see an upgrade to the world's most famous mobile - but in a pint-sized form.

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Taking inspiration from the beloved iPod Nano, the iPhone Nano would have a 5.0-megapixel camera, 16GB of storage, a multi-touch screen and all the other features we've come to love in the full-sized iPhone.

Michael Brook, the editor of T3 magazine, says ‘we think an iPhone Nano would be a smart move from Apple, it wouldn’t necessarily be about new, groundbreaking technology – it would be all about making the iPhone truly mainstream and accessible to all. This would be a slimmed down, less fully-featured iPhone model with Wi-Fi capability and wireless media synchronising, and with a very respectable 16GB of flash memory. And, just as we’d expect from Apple, the design would make technophiles go weak at the knees. Daydreams aside, we reckon that our vision of the iPhone Nano would be a sure-fire commercial success.’

Grab the July issue of T3 magazine on the 28th of May for more details on our dream iPhone Nano, and don't forget to stay tuned to T3.com on the 8th of June to see if our wishes come true.

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