t-Jays Four headphones outed

Apple-centric buds from Swedish outfit Jays unveiled

Picking up an iPhone 4S today? Then be sure to dump the naff bundled buds and pick up a spanking new pair of Jays headphones while you’re at it.

Swedish headphone type Jays has just come clean with its latest pair of headphones, the t-Jays Four. And for such dinky buds, they come with an awful lot of tech to get het up over.

There’s an in-line three button controller for skipping through tunes, boosting the volume and answering calls while you’re on the move. There’s also a MEMS microphone for 360 degree noise reduction.

On top of that, the cable is Kevlar reinforced to stop it getting in a nasty tangle and you get five different-sized silicon sleeves so you can easily get them to fit, whatever size your lugholes.

Tell us what you think of Jay’s new headphone efforts in the comments section now. Fancy snagging some? Or have you got a different pair in your sights?

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