Syndicate Co-op trailer makes debut

Trailer showcases utter chaos from order

Apparently after having sold 5 million copies of Battlefield 3 thus far, EA Games clearly hasn't heard the term 'to sit on ones laurels' and has already hit us with a trailer for their latest blockbuster

A brand-new trailer has surfaced showcasing the co-op capabilities of EA Games upcoming futuristic shooter Syndicate just days after releasing their blockbuster game Battlefield 3.

Having only teased us with the occasional screenshot and the main announcement trailer, very little is really known about the game and at what stage the publisher is in regards to releasing it. All that is known is that it's set in a future where corporations run pretty much everything, technological implants are considered the norm and agents of these companies fight it out on a daily basis.

While admittedly the trailer actually shows little of how the mechanics of co-op will work it's a great opportunity to not only drool over the frankly incredible graphics but also get a taste for how gameplay will actually work on a title that's promising truly brutal gun battles as well as hand-to-hand combat moves.

Check out the Syndicate Co-op trailer below and let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Syndicate Co-op trailer