Symbian heading for 'Android Iceberg', says analyst

Leading expert claims Symbian needs to play catch up

Symbian could find itself in serious trouble according to leading analyst.

The Nokia owned company is in significant danger of being overrun unless it begins to offer something new and original according to top analyst Nick Jones. This is after findings show it's under ever increasing pressure from the likes of Android, iOS4 and even Blackberry.

While the findings from Gartner show Symbian is still on top for sales, Nick Jones believes this is now mainly down to the brand loyalty in Nokia and Sony Ericsson, rather than customers buying because they're impressed by what they see. He warns “the competition – especially Android – is catching up very fast.”


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Jones adds to his concerns saying: “I think the Foundation needs a contingency plan in case the planned S4 interface isn’t radical enough or good enough.”

These scathing remarks will be of concern to Symbian particularly as they’ve just released Symbian 3 which Jones says “looks to have polished a few of the rough edges, but doesn’t fix the problem.”

Of course just in case Symbian didn’t get the message after that, he then ends by saying, “I think the Symbian Foundation is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and ignoring the Android iceberg ahead.”

Link: Telegraph (via Gartner)