SwiftKey intelligent keyboard for Android goes HD

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Smart keyboard gets HD upgrade.

SwiftKey, the touchscreen keyboard that attempts to make life easier by guessing the next word you want to type has launched a new HD edition for Android.

SwiftKey HD ups the resolution to cope with the influx of new Android handsets boasting screens in the 4-inch plus category and the host of Android tablets currently in the pipeline. It's also got a tweaked UI and five different languages to choose from.

The app boats complex language technology which attempts to guess your next word depending on what came before, alleviating the stress of typing out long messages on some of the notoriously sticky lower-end Android touchscreens.

In theory, it means that users can type out entire sentences just by accepting the word that SwiftKey HD has suggested.

The company has also doubled its free trial offering to once month with the HD launch, but if you want to get your hands on it full-time without splashing cash on the Android Market, you can win it with T3's Appvent Calendar which is giving away £3,000 in apps by the time the 25th rolls around.

Link: Swiftkey HD | T3 Appvent Calendar