Supposed Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich phone pictures emerge

Details and pictures of possible Motorola Intel powered ICS phone materialise

Images said to be of the first Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich phone have appeared ahead of MWC, where some expect it to be unveiled.

What is claimed to be images of Motorola’s first smartphone running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and running Intel hardware have been allegedly leaked.

Pocket Now says it obtained the above image and a few details on the unnamed device, which will apparently run Intel’s new mobile Medfield platform.

Additional information is thin on the ground – this not being an official announcement. Supposedly the phone is buttonless, has a new version of MotoBlur user interface, and a particularly impressive camera with instant-on and 15 frame-per-second burst capture.

It is expected to be unveiled at MWC later this month in some quarters.