Supernova x1 promises glasses-free 3D

Fuzhou Rockchip demonstrates lenticular 3D media player

New player in the 3D media market

Engadget China has shown the first images of Fuzhou Rockchip’s new glasses-less 3D media player. Due to be shown at IFA next week and sounding like a failed Gerry Anderson puppet show, the Supernova x1 is rumoured to use a lenticular display to display its 3D content.

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Information is still scarce at this point, users are said to able to switch between 2D and 3D displays at the touch of a button, and current rumours say that some ‘processing’ needs to take place, before the footage chosen can be shown in 3D.

Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company are best known for manufacturing the Rockchip, a key component in many media players and smartphones. T3 will be at IFA next week, so make sure to stay tuned to, the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for further updates as they happen.

Link: Engadget