Super-fast broadband across entire UK by 2015, says government

Fibre optic plans unveiled

Digital hubs in every community according to Culture Secretary.

The government will today outline plans to bring super-fast broadband toe every community in the UK. The coalition says it plans for every area to have a so-called “digital hub”, which will give web users easy access to a fibre optic network.

While ISPs will help deliver two thirds of the network, the government will fund the final third from BBC licence fee funds. The state paid areas are likely to be rural parts of the UK that are hard to reach.

However, while Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt says this will give the UK Europe’s ‘best’ broadband network, the government’s strategy doesn’t exactly offer up specifics when it comes to how fast it will actually be.

The mealy-mouthed strategy report says, “In order to determine what constitutes 'the best' network in Europe, we will adopt a scorecard which will focus on four headline indicators: speed, coverage, price and choice. These will be made up of a number of composite measures rather than a single factor such as headline download speed." Ofcom currently considers 24Mbps to be the minimum for super-fast broadband.

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