Street Fighter vs Tekken games outed at ComicCon

Rivals team-up for the ultimate beat-em-up mash-up

Video: See the teaser trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken

It's a debate that's raged for the best part of two decades. Street Fighter or Tekken? Now gamers will have the chance to pit Ryu and Chun-Li against Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams in two Street Fighter vs Tekken games announced at ComicCon over the weekend.

Rival games producers Capcom and Namco have combined their efforts for the first time to bring us Street Fighter X, Tekken which will see characters from both games square off on a 2D plane in the Street Fighter universe.

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The game which will be developed by the Street Fighter team at Capcom, and will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Less is known about the Tekken X Street Fighter title, which will be developed by Namco and take place in the fully-3D Tekken universe we're accustomed to.

Is this a chance to settled the argument once and for all? Let us know which title you're most excited about on our Twitter feed. In the meantime, below is a teaser trailer to get you in the mood.

If that's not enough, head over to our sister site CVG for more screenshots than you can shake a spinning heel kick at.

Link: Capcom (via CVG)