Stream sports online: 49 per cent admit illegal activity

Study shows nearly half of men don't pay to watch sports

Study shows that nearly half of men don't pay to watch sports

Almost half of men admit that they had, at some point, streamed sports illegally online, a new report has revealed with 49 per cent of men questioned owning up to the illegal activity.

A further 17 per cent of men involved in the study said they had never paid to watch live sport.

Football was the most commonly streamed sport, accounting for 76 per cent of all online sport watching activity, whilst 57 per cent and 42 per cent of those questioned said they watched rugby and boxing illegally online respectively.

With costs soaring for sports packages, people are opting to watch it illegally opposed to paying the high prices for home viewing. Predictably price was the main reason behind men using the web to watch sports with 84 per cent giving it as their explanation.

Sky has attempted to change the way you can view sports, and with the evolution of HD and more recently 3D the media-giants are hoping to offer a service that the online community cannot provide.

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