Steve Jobs to help develop major Apple products

Will still be heavily involved in design and strategy

After Steve Jobs announced his resignation it was unsure what the next step would be. It's very likely that Jobs will be chairman of Apple but also maintain a 'hands-on' approach, making sure the company stays on the straight and narrow

Walt Mossberg, a journalist who is believe to be very close to Apple, has confirmed that Steve Jobs will still be playing a major role in the company, helping with the development of major new products and the company's strategy.

Essentially what this means is that Jobs will be making sure his vision remains intact, still steering the company but from the workshop rather than from the boardroom. This news came just hours after the announcement that Steve Jobs would be stepping down from the company as CEO, but stated he would hopefully remain as chairman and also advisor.

His replacement Tim Cook will no doubt be pleased to hear that Jobs won't be retiring entirely and potentially this also means we could see some great new products from the company.

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Source: The Next Web