Steve Jobs email exchange is real says BGR

Blog says Apple PR's claims that emails are fake are wrong

Battle rages as reporter suggest Apple lied to media over email conversation.

While Apple has officially admitted the iPhone 4 is hamstrung by a serious reception problem, its assertion last week that a string of emails supposedly sent by Steve Jobs were fake has been called into question.

The messages, sent by iPhone 4 owner Jason Burford and first published by Boy Genius Report, were debunked by Apple. But now BGR has come out fighting, saying its own checks on the email header information show the missives are indeed legitimate.

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Publishing the undoctored email headers, BGR says that while Steve Jobs may not have personally fired off the emails in question, someone using his account could well have.

“Those email messages came from Steve Jobs’ email box, and that’s all I or Jason care about,” says BGR in an irate editorial. Whether Apple’s default position of never commenting on such stories is tested remains to be seen.

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