Steve Jobs cited in Amazon App Store defence

Online retailer attempts to throw Apple case out of court

Case centres around whether the use of "app store" term is generic. has vigorously defended its Android Appstore against Apple’s trademark infringement lawsuit citing a speech by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as part of their defence.

The Seattle-based online retailer today reasserted their claim the phrase “app store” is generic, as supposedly stated by Jobs in Apple’s fourth quarterly 2010 conference call, to a federal judge in San Francisco asking the official to throw out the case.

Speaking as part of the conference call Jobs referred repeatedly to “app stores” in a manner Amazon emphasize as non-specific.

“There will be at least four app stores on Android, which customers must search among to find the app they want,” said Mr Jobs.

Many companies are thought to have their eyes peeled on the result of the case. Windows is rumoured to be preparing an app store for its Windows 8 PC operating system, whilst adult app store Mikandi have also been sued for copyright infringement over the term.

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Source: Geek Wire