Steve Ballmer reveals Surface pricing window

Microsoft boss says Surface will be priced between £200 and £500

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has announced tha the forthcoming Surface tablet will be priced between £200 and £500

The new Surface tablet is apparently going to cost consumers quite a bit of money. How much money, you ask? Well, the estimate is up in the air right now, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

in an interview with the Seattle Times, in which he talked about the current state and future plans of Microsoft, Ballmer was somewhat cagey when it came to the expected pricing of the Microsoft Surface.

"We haven't announced pricing," he said. "I think we have a very competitive product from the features perspective. I think most people would tell you that the Ipad is not a super expensive device. (When) people offer cheaper, they do less. They look less good, they're chintzier, they're cheaper,"
He added: "If you say to somebody, would you use one of the 7-inch tablets, would somebody ever use a Kindle (Kindle Fire, $199) to do their homework? The answer is no; you never would. It's just not a good enough product. It doesn't mean you might not read a book on it...."
"If you look at the bulk of the PC market, it would run between, say, probably $300 to about $700 or $800. That's the sweet spot."

So there you go, a ballpark figure for the Surface tablet, between $300 (£200) to about $800 (£500).