Stephen Fry: I'm excited that we can finally praise Microsoft

Exclusive video: We quiz Fry on Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry

We chat with the tech's biggest fan boy

Stephen Fry joined us on the red carpet at this year's T3 Gadget Awards 2010 and he bestowed upon us a fair bit of his gadget wisdom.

The gadget lover's pin-up talks to us about his must-have apps, his gadget of 2010, Apple's iPhone 4 and how saying that the Apple iPad is just a big iPod touch, is like saying that a pool is a just big bath.

The self-confessed Apple lover also gives us his verdict on Windows Phone 7, the BlackBerry Torch, HTML 5 and last of all, his impressive head of hair.

Also, look out for a glimpse of the coveted white Apple iPhone 4.

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