Starbucks adds free WiFi to outlets across the UK

Airports still omitted from the service, Starbucks working on it

Starbucks has officially rolled out its free WiFi to coffee lovers in the UK, adding the free BT Openzone service to around 500 coffee shops up and down the country

The coffee giant made the announcement through its official Twitter account, saying: "All our customers can access Free Wi-Fi at hundreds of Starbucks locations throughout the UK. Just click 'Connect' and enjoy!"

Starbucks' free WiFi is provided by BT Openzone. Coffee drinkers wanting to try out the free WiFi for themselves need only point their browsers at while in a Starbucks and hit connect. Each session is limited to two hours, but Starbucks say on their website that customers can use as many sessions in a row as they please.

There are a couple of pesky omissions to the rollout - Starbucks has yet to offer its free WiFi service in UK airports, as that's WiFi provider Boingo's turf - but the company is reportedly working on getting its free WiFi up and running there too. Tried out Startbucks' free WiFi for yourself? Let us know if it works in the comments below.

Source: The Register