Star Wars Blu-ray UK release date confirmed September 16

Blu-ray Star Wars no longer just in a Galaxy far, far away

It's nearly time for the last of the big films to make an appearance on Blu-ray. Lets hope it's been worth the wait

Anxious Star Wars fans will soon be able to get their hands on the most anticipated Blu-ray release of all time, with the complete saga coming to a planetary system near you on September 16th in glorious high definition.

For the first time ever, fans will have the option to buy of all six films as one collection for £89.99, with each film being cleaned up to achieve the highest possible picture and sound quality. Unfortunately though, no matter how hard Lucasarts scrubbed, Jar Jar Binks is still present in The Phantom Menace. The three original films are also available in a separate boxset priced £44.99.

Time will tell whether or not the transfer to Blu-ray is good enough to please a diehard fan base, but along with three additional discs and more than 30 hours of extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes and an exploration of the exclusive Star Wars archives, you would have to say that the force is strong with this one.

Its also worth noting another date in the diary if you're a Star Wars fan. On February 10 2012, Star Wars Epiosde I comes to cinemas in 3D. Regardless of what you think to The Phantom Menace, it's sure going to be an impressive sight.

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