Star Wars Blu-Ray release set for September 27th

Autumn release given to full Star Wars Blu-ray release

Star Wars to hit Blu-ray with all its force this autumn

There's new hope for Star Wars fans as the complete saga will be available on Blu-Ray later this year.

Following an announcement at CES earlier this month from none other than Darth Vader himself, the sci-fi classics will, as Yoda would say, purchase in September you can all six Star Wars films.

Joining the Attack of the Clones’ Blu-Ray release in November 2008, the CGI laden prequel as well as the original sequel trilogies will be available on Blu-Ray in the autumn with pre-orders being taken now.

The official announcement eluded from a specific date but Amazon’s pre-order shipping date has now been set as September 27th.

Of those available on order, Star Wars fans have the choice of three box sets; a nine disc set with all six films plus 30 hours of special features and unseen footage as well as both trilogy sets individually boxed with the former costing £89.99 with the latter £33.99 a piece.

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