Star Wars Blu-ray free with Panasonic

Free giveaway of trilogy with certain Panasonic products

To celebrate the release of the Star Wars: Complete Saga on Blu-ray Panasonic is feeling extra generous

Apparently the people over at Panasonic are secret Jedi's because they're offering their largest promotion in the UK ever by giving away copies of the Star Wars: Original Trilogy on Blu-ray free with certain Blu-ray players and Theatre systems.

The promotion is all to celebrate the release of the entire Star Wars collection on Blu-ray, an event that has been a long time coming after George Lucas promised the films would be heading to the high-definition format. Each film has apparently been painstakingly enhanced and cared for so that it looks its best on HDTVs.

Alongside the films, the Blu-ray collection will contain over 40+ hours of special features including documentaries and archive footage from Lucasfilm. The offer will only run until December and only includes certain Panasonic products, a list of which can be found here.

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