Star Wars 1313 trailer shows more next-generation footage

New trailer showcases more astonishing gameplay

A new Star Wars 1313 trailer being released during Gamescom is bound to prompt revitalised talk over whether the Xbox 720 is just around the corner

A new trailer for Star Wars 1313 has been released showcasing yet more of the stunning gameplay footage mixed in with the original trailer that was shown during E3 2012.

The game is reportedly being developed for the next-generation of games consoles including the Xbox 720 and the Sony PS4 with many games experts speculating that in its current form the game would not be able to run on current consoles.

Set in the dark and seedy underworld of Coruscant the game is expected to tell a darker more adult story than has previously been seen from Star Wars titles.

It's also believed that the main character will not be able to use the force, instead forgoing the Jedi mind tricks for a blaster and a skillset that will have you picking locks and demolishing walls.

While the Star Wars 1313 release date isn't yet known it's believed that it will correlate directly with the release of the next generation of consoles.