Spotify user numbers surge in US

Free and paid subscribers up as Spotify takes over USA

Leaked numbers show Spotify is more than holding its own Stateside.

Less than a month after its US launch, it seems Spotify is enjoying the same success across the pond as it is here in Europe. The music streaming service now has an impressive 1.4 million users of its free service, with a further 175,000 paying for ad-free tunes.

The numbers, leaked to All Things D, make for seriously impressive reading. It’s only a week since reports emerged that Spotify was closing in on one million users. It comes as US rival Rhapsody has 800,000 members and other key Stateside competitor Rdio plans to up its monthly fees.

At the moment, Spotify has 1.6 million paying members in Europe, some way ahead of its US operation. But it appears that despite some serious competition, and the forthcoming arrival of iTunes Match and iCloud, its decision to launch in the US was a smart one.

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