Spotify US launch today

Music streaming giant finally going live Stateside

Free, Unlimited and Premium packages all up for grabs.

Having announced plans just last week for a US launch, Spotify has at last confirmed that the service will go live across the pond today, 14 July. It’s a huge day for the Swedish streaming service, which has been hoping to open a Stateside version for over two years.

Spotify has confirmed the US offering will include the same packages available here in the UK and across the rest of Europe. There’ll be ad-supported free access, as well as unlimited access for $4.99 a month and premium access for $9.99. The latter will include offline storage on iPhone and Android devices.

How Spotify will go down in the States remains to be seen, especially as other streaming services are already dominant. But with prices for the ad-free packages so low, it’s likely plenty of punters will be keen to sign up.

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Via Guardian