Spotify unveils new Domino, Def Jam apps and more

Thirteen new apps confirmed for streaming service

Spotify have released thirteen new apps intended to widen the user experience including apps from many of the major record labels

Today, Spotify are presenting thirteen new apps for the music platform which widen the experience even further for users.

Included in the selection are apps from record labels and distributors including Universal, Sony, Warner, EMI, Def Jam, Domino, Matador, PIAS and X5.

The new apps allow users to expand their experience on Spotify, adding features such as being able to personalise your playlists based on Facebook likes or listen to the most popular Spotify songs on Twitter.

The new apps will further integrate Spotify with social networks and help users to better explore the some 16 million tracks.

“This is going to take music enjoyment to a whole new level. These Spotify Apps offer something for everyone, from ways to discover music both old and new, to amazing imagery and apps simply there to entertain!” said Sten Garmack, Director of Platform at Spotify

“The potential for Spotify Apps is just massive and we can’t wait to see what people are going to blow us away with next.”

The new additions include apps like Tweetvine, which creates charts from Twitter posts with the hashtag #NowPlaying, and The Legacy Of, an app with which you can delve deeper into the history of ‘some of the world’s most acclaimed artists’, including Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Steve Ray Vaughan.