Spotify to show 'what's next' at December event

Recently launched Spotify web browser in beta

Spotify apparently has something new in store before Christmas with the music-streaming service sending out invites for an event which will show us 'what's next'

Spotify has sent out invites to an event in December claiming to show journalists 'what's next' for the hugely popular music-streaming service.

Recently the company unveiled its beta version of Spotify in the web browser but it's unlikely that they'll have a fully-working iteration ready by Christmas.

Around the same time last year Spotify were announcing their new integrated app system including branded apps. This saw advertisers such as AT&T, Reebok, McDonald’s and Intel creating playlists and features for a deeper consumer experience. Speculation could point towards furthering this branded app experience or it could be something completely new.

With MySpace setting out to directly compete with Spotify in 2013, could this be their reply to the threat of competition? To find out stay tuned to on 6 December where we'll have all the info.