Spotify on Virgin Media TiVo gets UK release

Streaming service comes to TiVo boxes today

As Spotify continues its gradual climb to the lofty heights of music nirvana the company is adding more and more features, this week's is TiVo

If you happen to have Virgin Media TiVo and also a premium subscription to Spotify then you'll be able to make full use of the new Spotify app for TiVo which has been released today.

Avaiilable in the Apps and Games section of TiVo the app relies on the boxes dedicated broadband connection just as on-demand content does, then once you've logged in you'll be able to play away to your hearts content.

Designed to add Spotify to your Home Cinema System the app takes a minimalistic approach being easy use through the TiVo remote. This is just the latest addition to the range of on-demand content that Virgin Media has started offering, presumably in a bid to directly compete with the satellite alternative Sky.

Got Virgin Media's TiVo service, started enjoying the Spotify app? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: Virgin Media via Tech Radar