Spotify iOS update brings free Radio streaming to US version

Spotify in process of bringing feature to UK users soon

Spotify has added yet another feature to its iOS app giving non-premium users the ability to use Spotify Radio, unfortunately it's US only, but for how long?

Spotify has added the Radio app to its iPhone and iPod Touch app letting premium users create custom radio stations and giving non-premium users the ability to use a modified free version of the app.

Users will be able to start Radio based on any artist, song, album or playlist in the Spotify library, once created they can skip through any of the tracks and even thumbs up any tracks they do like instantly sending them to a 'Liked from Radio' playlist.

The Radio can also learn the more you use it, every time a user gives a song a thumbs up or thumbs down the app learns what and what not to play.

Available for iOS in the next few hours the Spotify iOS update will only be for US customers at first however Spotify has told T3 that it will be working on bringing both versions to the UK as soon as possible.

"As a result of unique Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) US licensing laws, we're able to offer a standalone free version (i.e. no subscription required) of the mobile radio feature to all US music fans. We aim to bring a free mobile radio service to Spotify users in all countries over time, subject to licensing."