Spotify drops free play limit in Europe, but not for UK users

Still only five free plays per song in the UK and France

Good news for Spotify freeloaders in Germany, Spain and other EU countries - the company has lifted the limit on the amount of times you can play a song for free. No joy for UK users yet

The free Spotify service will once again allow European users to play their favourite songs as many as they like, except in the UK and France.

The streaming giant has decided to drop the five play per song limit for fee users, which was initially introduced in April 2011 as part of restrictions designed to encourage users to sign up for the £9.99 a month Premium service. Among those restrictions came the decision to halve the hours of free play from 20 to 10 hours a month.

Spotify, which now has over three million paying customers around the world, has been working with record companies to life the restrictions on song plays and has managed to do so in certain European countries. However, it is yet to succeed in the UK.

A spokesperson told TechRadar: "The five play-per-song limit on Spotify Free has been removed across Europe, apart from the UK and France.

"We're taking the fight to piracy and seeing millions of people choose to pay for music again. We did this by offering people the best music service on the planet and an unrivaled free music tier is fundamental to that."

"We've been working with record labels to remove the five-plays-per-song limit introduced last year and this news is a result of that work."

Via: TechRadar