Spotify app finally arrives on Windows Phone 8

Top music streaming app breaks cover on Microsoft's new OS

Spotify for Windows Phone 8 has arrived on the Windows Store, bringing syncing over 3G and a faster, smoother experience

Spotify for Windows Phone 7 devices is one of the prettiest apps Microsoft's operating system has to offer, but until now the music-streaming app had been MIA for early Windows Phone 8 adopters.

Thankfully, those smartphone fanciers rocking handsets like the Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC Windows Phone 8X can get their premium stream on with a new version of the app that arrived on Friday in public Beta.

Spotify for Windows Phone offers a slight departure from the rather bland, but functional offerings for iPhone and Android. The design and UI is styled after Microsoft's unique Metro UI, while the Spotify Live Tilesnow automatically updates with the song and artist currently playing.

The app runs much faster than the previous version, allows for playlist syncing over 3G and users can also pin playlists to the start screen.

Naturally, to access music, offline playlists and any of the new features listed above, users will need a £9.99 Spotify Premium subscription.

Microsoft says, as the app is only rolling out today, it might take a while to show up in your local Windows Store.

Via: The Verge