Spotify aiming to become 'OS of music' following new app success

The music streaming app wants to become a platform in its own right

Following the success of its app platform, Spotify wants to transform itself from a humble application into an operating system to power your every musical whim.

Music streaming service Spotify has revealed its plans to become the OS of music, after announcing the success of its recent app store platform.

The Swedish streaming giant revelaed the first third party applications back in November, with content providers like The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Billboard and signing on to enhance the listening experience with reviews, playlists, concert tickets and more

At an event in London on Tuesday night, Spotify said the Moodagent application is responsible for the creation of 3.5m playlists per week, while users have synced the lyrics of 100,000 songs using the TuneWiki application. Users have also listened to 15m songs together the collaborative playlist SoundDrop app.

Now the company wants to go complete the transition from being a standalone app to a full on operating system for music.

Sten Garmark, Spotify's director of platform, told the Guardian: "Everyone has their individual idea for what Spotify should do next, which is why we love music apps.

"They are important so we can cater to all those needs. And since people are asking us to provide these features, when we do, music will be more valuable to them. They will be more likely to pay, and that makes more money for artists.

"We have to turn ourselves into the OS of music," says Garmark. "We are in the middle of a transformation from being an app ourselves to being a platform."

Spotify also revealed that an app build on its own API called SpotOn Radio which, like Pandora, creates playlists based on artists, has just overtaken Spotify for iPhone on the Swedish App Store.

Via: Guardian