Sparrow app arrives on iPhone, beats Gmail at its own game

Help is here for Gmail users frustrated by Google's attempts at a native iOS app

Sparrow for iPhone could be a saviour for Gmail junkies frustrated by Google's poor iOS efforts. The app includes notifications, support for multiple accounts and a fresh, gesture-based UI

The excellent Mac OS X email client, Sparrow has launched an app for iPhone and iPod touch, ending the misery for long-suffering Gmail users frustrated by Google's attempts to launch a native client.

Sparrow arrives for iOS months after the unmitigated disaster that was Gmail for iOS, and app that was launched, immediately pulled and then launched again without many of the enhancements Gmail users had been praying for.

The free Sparrow app has them all. Support for multiple accounts (you can also bring in Yahoo mail), integration with Apple's notification centre (although no push notifications yet) and it actually runs natively on the iPhone. There's also the ability to read the last 1,000 emails you've received in offline mode.

Familiar features are also included. There's threaded messages, priority inboxes and the ability to star, label and move mail to different folders.

There's also a host of gestures which help it supersede Apple's own Mail client, allowing you to swipe in various directions to navigate around the user interface or to reply and delete individual mails. Reading emails within a thread can be achieved by swiping up and down.

All in all this looks like it could be a saviour for Gmail junkies, following Google's lack of success in creating an iOS friendly app worthy of the world's favourite webmail service.

The app is £1.99 and available to download now.