Space view of Earth caught in time-lapse video on ISS

Coincides with 51st anniversary of Yuri Gagarin flight

While there have been plenty of time-lapse videos made of Earth, few can claim to be as comprehensive as this, with every aspect of the globe uncovered

A time-lapse video showing views of space from the International Space Station has been published by academic Alex Rivest.

The video is over three minutes and shows a collection of time-lapse images glued together and sped up to create a comprehensive moving image of the International Space Station's orbit around the globe.

Making around 15 orbits in one day the ISS has in total traveled around 1.5 billion miles over the course of 57, 361 orbits, enough to make eight round trips to the Sun.

Showing everything from the cities at night to glimpses of the aurora from space this video is definitely something to watch being both a testament to technology today but also because it looks fantastic.

The Best View in the Solar System. from AJRCLIPS on Vimeo.