Sony Xperia Tablet leaked

Sony next-gen tablet featured in a series of leaked slides

Sony's next-gen Xperia tablet appears to have been leaked in a series of slides that have appeared on the German tech news website Mobiflip

The new tablet appears to be thinner and lighter than the current Sony Tablet S and sports the same folded magazine aesthetic. Its internal specifications include an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 3G connectivity and Android 4.0 (“or later”) operating system. The slides show that the new tablet is also splashproof and 42 per cent thinner than the current model. Mobiflip says the tablet also has on-board Bluetooth and an SD card slot.

The Xperia Sony tablet also offers 16GB, 24GB or 64GB of internal storage and is powered by a 6,000mAh battery that looks set to allow for 10 or so hours of WiFi-based web browsing. The models are tentatively priced according to their storage options: 450.00 for 16GB, $550 for the 24GB and $650 for the 64GB model. all proposed retail pricing models undercut their iPad counterparts by around $50.

The slides also show a series of accessories for the tablet, including a wrap-around keyboard that converts into a convenient kickstand, as well as a raft of various other accessories, including a keyboardless carrying case, a premium cover, which comes in a range of colours, a cradle, a docking stand and dock speaker.

The slides don't reveal a planned release date for the device, although tech website Android Authority states the leak's source says it should be up for sale sometime in Septemeber. Watch this space.

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