Sony Walkman Music Clip official

iPod shuffle rival comes chock full of features

2GB and 4GB models of small-time Walkman.

Sony has just come over all official with its new Sony Walkman Clip. Undoubtedly going after the iPod shuffle, this new dinky MP3 player still manages to pack some smart features into its tiny frame.

Tipping the scales at just 28g and measuring under 10cm long, it has a detachable clip so you can wear it out running or down the gym. It has so-called Zappin tech for finding the tracks you want, letting you play a short clip of a track before choosing to listen to the whole thing.

There’s 18 hours of battery life, with a quick charge function delivering 90 minutes of tunes after just three minutes of the Walkman Clip being hooked up to the mains. There’s only support for MP3 and WMA files though, so don’t go thinking you can load up your DRM-free AAC tracks from iTunes.

There are 2GB and 4GB models up for grabs. The Walkman Clip goes on sale mid-May. Let us know what you think of Sony’s latest effort on our Facebook and Twitter pages.